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Indikatorius LED matrica 8 sklitys MAX7219

  • Indikatorius LED matrica 8 sklitys MAX7219
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Saving your microcontroller resources without open timer scan freeing the microcontroller to do more things! Only you need to update the display data, a data transfer!

  • MAX7219 digital display control module
  • MAX7219 is an integrated serial input / output common-cathode display driver, which connects the microprocessor 7-segment digital LED display with 8 digits, you can connect a bar graph display or 64 independent LED. On which includes a B-type BCD encoder chip, multi-channel scanning loop, segment word driver, but also an 8 x 8 static RAM for storing each data. Only one external register is used to set the segment current for each LED.
  • A convenient four-wire serial interface can connect all the general-purpose microprocessor. Each data can be addressed in the update does not need to rewrite all of the display. MAX7219 also allows users to select each data coding or non-coding.
  • The entire device contains a 150μA low-power shutdown mode, analog and digital brightness control, a scan-limit register allows the user to display 1-8 bit data, there is a LED light all the detection mode.
  • Only three IO ports to drive eight digital tube! Digital flicker-free display! Support cascade!
  • PCB plate fixed to the four corners of copper studs, which can effectively prevent a short circuit accident occurs!
  • Digital tube 0.36 inches four one common cathode LED
  • This module is compatible with 5V / 3.3V microcontroller (51 / AVR / STM32 .......)
  • Wiring instructions (in program provides an example, you can access any IO ports, you can modify the port defined in the program):
  • VCC → 5V
  • GND → GND
  • DIN → P00
  • CS → P01
  • CLK → P02


  • VCC and GND Do not reversed, it would burn chip
  • 51 MCU P0 port need pull-up resistor, if your device does not have pull-up resistor can be connected to other ports data lines


  • Prekės kodas: U-0255
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • Kaina:


    su PVM

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