Antivandalinis mygtukas 12mm V12-B-A IP65 2A/48VDC geltonas
Features: Soldering requirement: 260°C for 5 sec Operating temperature: -25°C - 65°C Lon..
1.80€ su PVM
Kodas: J-V12G
Membrana jungikliams 1SFA611920R8052 ABB
ABB KA Series Protective button boot membrane is suitable for use with 22 mm compact and modular ran..
2.50€ su PVM
Kodas: J-MA1-8052

Mygtukinis jungiklis 0.5A/125V ON-(OFF)
Specificationsroller ball reed contactNC contactmounting hole: 19.5mmoperating gap: 3.5mm maxcontact..
4.60€ su PVM
Kodas: J-HAA29

Mygtukinis jungiklis 5A/300V, avarinio stabdymo ON-OFF 1SFA619500R1041 ABB
DESCRIPTION 22mm compact range Easy mounting Broad range of accessories Durable actuator..
7.90€ su PVM
Kodas: J-CE3T-10R-01
Mygtukinis jungiklis A219 60A/12VDC OFF-(ON)  juodas
Panel cutout: Ø16 mmScrew terminals M4..
3.95€ su PVM
Kodas: J-A219
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