Multimetras - LCR matuoklis  MASTECH MS5300
FEATURES•  Designed to international safety standard IEC1010-1•  The over-molding rubber case protec..
75.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MS5300
Multimetras AXIOMET AX-7003 su rodykline matavimo skale
Measuring instrument features: 6 functions, 14 ranges impact resistant holster dB measurem..
26.50€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AX7003
Multimetras Fluke 117
With its integrated non-contact voltage detection and the AutoV/LoZ function preventing false readin..
275.00€ su PVM
Kodas: B-FLUKE117
Multimetras HYELEC MAS838
The instrument of this series is a small hand-held 3 1/2 digital multimeter featuring stable, highly..
12.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MAS838H

Multimetras HYELEC MS8233B
This multimeter has been designed according to IEC61010-1 concerning electronic measuring instrument..
11.50€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MS8233BH
Multimetras HYELEC MS84
This instrument complies with IEC 61010-1, CAT. III 1000V and CAT.Ⅳ 600V overvoltage standards. See ..
26.50€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MS84
Multimetras HYELEC MS88
This instrument complies with IEC 61010-1, CAT. III 1000V and CAT.IV 600V overvoltage standards. It ..
27.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MS88
Multimetras KT830BUZ KEMOT
AC voltage measurement, range: 0-750 V DC voltage measurement, range: 0-1000 V AC current m..
6.50€ su PVM
Kodas: P-M830BZ

Multimetras KYORITSU KEW 1018H
Display : 4000 counts. Auto range. Diode test feature. Capacitance test feature. Continui..
28.38€ su PVM
Kodas: P-KEW1018H
Multimetras MAS830 (20-100)
•Display: 1999, Digital is 15mm high •DC Voltage: 200m/2V±0.5%, 20/200/600V±0.8% •AC Voltage: 20..
11.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MAS830
Multimetras MAS830B
MAS830B Multifunction Mini Digital MultimeterThe instrument of this series is a small hand-held 3 1/..
11.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MAS830B
• DISPLAY: 1999 COUNTS, DIGIT IS 15mm HIGH. • DC VOLTAGE: 200m/2V±0.5%, 20/200/600V±0.8% ..
11.50€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MAS830L

Multimetras MASTECH MS8211 (20-550)
Conform to the IEC1010-1 standard CAT III 600V The over-molding rubber case protects the meter to be..
13.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MS8211
Multimetras MASTECH MY65
Complete Function Large LCD display Display: 30 x 60mmLCD, max.reading 19999 counts DC Volt..
40.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MY65
Multimetras MT-1508 Pros'Kit
Comply with CE EN61010-1 CATIII 600V Safety rated. Comes with a backlight, 3 1/2 digits 1999 co..
16.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MT1508
Multimetras MT-1610 3 In 1 Pro'sKit
3 in 1 for RJ-11 line test, RJ-45 cable test and DMM functions. Test for open circuits , shorts..
48.40€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MT1610

Multimetras MT-2017 Pro'sKit
With Null DCV, Capacitance measurement Complied with 2008 CE safety standard Double-sided gl..
22.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MT2017
Multimetras MY64
32 ranges Large LCD display Auto power off DC Voltage: 200m/2/20/200V±0.5%, 1000V±0.8% AC..
29.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-MY64
Multimetras PeakTech  2015
Digital-Multimeter with Bargraph ~ 3 3/4-digit ~ 20 A AC/DC ~ CAT III/CAT IV Newly developed Digi..
61.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-PT2015
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