Nešiojamas oscilografas HPS140I  40MS/s
Do not let its size fool you!This Oscilloscope packs a lot of power in a tiny box.Now you can really..
130.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-HPS140I
Nešiojamas oscilografas HPS140MK2 40MS/s 10MHz
The HPS140MK2 handheld oscilloscope still holds the same power as its predecessor, the HPS140, but i..
149.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-HPS140MK2
Nešiojamas osciloskopas su USB išėjimu 12MHz
Designed By electronics enthusiasts For electronics enthusiasts! Powerful, compact and USB connectiv..
242.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-HPS50
Oscilografas PROTEK 6510
795.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-6510

USB-PC oscilografas + generatorius (2kan.)
A complete USB-powered lab-in-a-box Feature-packed PcLab2000-LT software for two channel oscillos..
199.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-PCSGU250