Antistatinės valančios putos PRF22 200ml TAEROSOL
Antistatic cleaning foam. Excellent for cleaning TV-sets, computers and VCR’s. Application: TV-scree..
3.62€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRF22/220
Antistatinis aerozolis PRF8-88 220ml TAEROSOL
Prevents dust attracting static charge built-up. Suitable for wood, metal, plastic and electrical ap..
5.10€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRF88/220
Antistatinis valiklis LCD,TFT ir Plasma ekranams 85ml TAEROSOL
Antistatic cleaner for laptops, especially for LCD-, TFT-, and Plasma screens. Prevent the agent to ..
6.80€ su PVM
Fliusas purškiamas 200ml Kontakt Chemie
Purškiamas fliusas, naudojamas gamyboje ar prietaisų elektronikos taisymui ..
7.00€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-FLUXSK10

Grafitinis aerozolis 200ml  CONTAKT CHEMIE
GRAPHIT 33 is a dispersion of fine, pure, colloidal graphite in solvent mixture with an organic bind..
17.20€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-G33/200
Grafitinis tepalas 65ml
Grease with the addition of graphite. It contains special selected additives to provide excellent lu..
1.70€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-GRT65
Gumos valiklis 200ml TESLANOL
Solvent for rubber parts and gaskets - 200 ml intense, residue-free and anti-static cleaning..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-TEGUMMY/200
Isopropanolis (tech. spiritas) 1L
Designed for: audio and video equipment magnetic heads; mirrors; disk drives; PCBs with ..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-TEIP1L

Izoliacinis lakas PRF202 220ml TAEROSOL
Provides fast drying clear enamel coating with some insulating capability. Appli-cation: Electronics..
5.50€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRF202/220
Keraminis tepalas AG 100ml
Ceramic grease spray has been specially developed for applications requiring high pressure and tempe..
2.61€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-AGCE/100
Koncetruotas ploviklis ultragarsinėms vonelėms COM 1L
Normaliam plovimui naudoti vieną kamštelį (15ml) ploviklio 0.6l vandens; esant dideliam kiekiui nešv..
6.00€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-ULTRA
Kontaktų valiklis 200ml TESLANOL
For cleaning and care for switches, relays, potentiometers, transistor tuner, etc. creates..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-TECONT/200

Kontaktų valiklis PRF-TCC 520ml TAEROSOL
For removal of oil, grease, dust, dirt, resins, and light oxidations. Will not affect most metal, ru..
8.40€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRFTCC/520
Kontaktų valiklis PRF6-68 220ml TAEROSOL
Contact cleaner, removes all kind of rosin flux, oxide, sulfide, dirt and oil. Non-conductive. Appli..
6.00€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRF6-68/220
Kontaktų valiklis PRF6-68 520ml TAEROSOL
Contact cleaner, removes oxide, sulfide, dirt, oil and resin. Non-conductive. Especially for fitted ..
10.30€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRF6-68/520

Kontaktų valiklis PRF7-78 220ml TAEROSOL
Formulated especially for sensitive devices. Provides just the right amount of lubrication without “..
6.95€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-PRF78/220
Kontaktų valiklis, skirtas oksidų valymui 200ml Kontakt Chemie
Kontaktų valiklis skirtas oksidų valymui nuo įvarių kontaktų. Puikiai tirpdo oksidus, atstato kontak..
6.80€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-KONTAKT60
Lipdukų valiklis 200ml TESLANOL
For office, industry, workshop and home use when removing adhesive labels. Properties: Dissolves the..
4.78€ su PVM
Kodas: Q-TES/LO200
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