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Žingsninių variklių valdiklis HY-DIV268N-5A - 48V/5A

  • Žingsninių variklių valdiklis HY-DIV268N-5A - 48V/5A
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HY-DIV268N-5A is is a PWM chopper-type single-chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping motor driver. 2-phase bipolar-type stepping motor can be driven by only clock signal with low vibration and high efficiency. Suitable for drive Two-phase stepping motor dynamic voltage 12V to 48V, the maximum drive current is less than 5A and having outer diameter of 35 to 86 mm.

This drive uses the current loop subdivision control, the motor torque ripple is very small, low-speed running is very smooth. High-speed torque is much higher than other two-phase drives, high positioning accuracy. Widely used in the engraving machines, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery and other high resolution requirements on the device. NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA24 and NEMA34 stepper motors work perfectly with this HY-DIV268N-5A Stepper Driver.


PWM constant current drive single-chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping motor driver
Selectable excitation mode (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 step)
Single power supply
Average current control (in 8 steps from 0.2A to 5A), two-phase sinusoidal current drive output
DC 12 ~ 42V Single power supply operation
Optically isolated inputs
Over voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection
High starting speed
High-speed torque
Black Rugged Plastic Enclosure and Large Black Aluminium Heat Sink
Mounting Holes on Heat Sink for Mounting the Drive in Machine Panels

Technical Specifications

Input voltage DC 8 ~ 50V input (Operating Voltage: 12V – 42V)
The input current of 1 to 5 amps
Output current:

IOUT= 5.0 A (absolute maximum ratings, peak, within 100ms)
IOUT= 4.5 A (operating range, maximal value)

Operating Temperature: -10 to 45 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to 70 ℃
Weight 200 grams


1 DIR- Direction Input Cathode of Optoisolator
2 DIR+ Direction Input Anode of Optoisolator
3 PUL- Pulse Input Cathode of Optoisolator
4 PUL+ Pulse Input Anode of Optoisolator
5 EN- Enable Input Cathode of Optoisolator
6 EN+ Enable Input Anode of Optoisolator
7 A+ Stepper Motor Output Winding A Positive
8 A- Stepper Motor Output Winding A Negative
9 B+ Stepper Motor Output Winding B Positive
10 B- Stepper Motor Output Winding B Negative
11 DC- Power Supply Input Negative / 0V
12 DC+ Power Supply Input Positive /12V to +42V (Operating Voltage)

Documents and Downloads

TB6600 HY-DIV268N-5A Reference Manual
TB6600HG Datasheet
GRBL Free CNC controller software for Arduino


HY-DIV268N-5A motor driver is not suitable for high holding (static) torque requirements. This driver has high current drive only on the edge of the step pulse. The driver can provide high torque when motor is moving but when motor stops the holding torque will be around 1/10th of selected current setting.
If Stepper motor vibrates but does not turn in any direction make sure that your motor connections for Windings A and B are not exchanged.
If Stepper motor does not runs or locks at all make sure the Enable Signal polarity is correct.
If Stepper motor does not runs or locks at all make sure that the power to the Drive is correct
If Stepper motor does not runs or locks at all make sure the 3x SUB Switches are not all set to ON or all set to OFF

Package Includes

1x TB6600 HY-DIV268N-5A Stepper Motor Driver

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