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LAN Ethernet 2 kanalų relės IP TCP/UDP modulis

  • LAN Ethernet 2 kanalų relės IP TCP/UDP modulis
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  • Micro-channel remote control 2-way remote cloud Ethernet
  • network switch delay relay TCP/UDP relay module controller can be expanded to 8


  • Power requirements: DC5V, Micro USB power supply or DC9-24V
  • PCB dimensions: 70 x 50mm (L*W)

Product description:

  • Control via Ethernet and internet pull 2 ​​relay, then release, and can be extended by a pin external relay module to eight outputs.
  • Module supports TCP, UDP, cloud remote control three kinds of operation, easy to understand instructions, instruction can specify 1--65535 seconds delay.
  • Module is equipped with VB, Delphi PC program and source code to help you easily computerized remote control.
  • TCP and cloud remotely can check the status of all relays, also after each command processing is complete, the module will return to the latest state of all relays.
  • UDP mode no status query or other returns, code is extremely simple, easy to be embedded into a variety of applications.
  • Full support for secondary development, open TCP, UDP control protocol, cloud secondary development package provides remote SOAP Web Service API interface and RESTful Web Service API interface.

Module Features:

  • STC microcontroller for industrial master chip
  • Onboard 2-way high-quality relay, relay with absorption diode circuit
  • With 1-channel power indicator, each relay has status indicator lights up and relay
  • The relay module can be extended up to 8 outputs, Note: The relay module should be actived high
  • You can configure the module through the network parameters, such as the module IP address, default gateway, etc.
  • Holding relay status before power down (configurable)
  • Through internet control, remote cloud by local password protection, safe and reliable
  • Supports 5V or 9-24V input voltage
  • 1.6mm thick PCB by the military grade FR-4 sheet material, PCB size 70mm X 50mm, set aside the mounting holes
  • Prekės kodas: U-0098
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • Kaina:


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