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Automobilinis cigarečių pridegiklio daugiklis, 4 lizdai

  • Automobilinis cigarečių pridegiklio daugiklis, 4 lizdai
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  • Automobilinis cigarečių pridegiklio daugiklis, 4 lizdai
Cigarette lighter splitter to 4 sockets on the cable
Splitter CS-41 is distinguished by its modern and aesthetic housing illuminated with blue light. It has four slots of which two are closed. Splitter designed for installation 12V and 24V. The plug fits standard cigarette lighter sockets with a diameter of 21 mm. 
Product Features:
- 4 slots, including 2 closed
- the ability to connect multiple devices at once
- compatible with the installations, automotive 12V and 24V
- the voltage indicator in the form of a blue backlight
- thick-resistant cable
- very easy to install
- compact and modern design
Technical parameters:
- Voltage: 12V / 24V
- maximum output current up to 10A (total)
- protection: WTA glass tube Ø5 x 20 mm
- Dimensions of the plug: Ø20 x 65 mm
- The diameter of the sockets: O21 mm
- Dimension of the housing slots H. W. D .: 78 x 72 x 44 mm
- cable length of about 90 cm
  • Prekės kodas: S-CS41
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