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Suspaustas oras 400ml Gembird

  • Suspaustas oras 400ml Gembird
    *Ši nuotrauka skirta tik susipažinimui su produktu. Tikrasis produktas gali skirtis nuo nuotraukos.


• For cleaning and removing dust from modules, electronic components
   and devices located in inaccessible places, particularly in photographic
   and optical equipment, projectors, cameras, video recorders, clocks,
   quartz watches and model trains.
   Please don’t bend the can more than 60°. After using the spray,
   please open the device for longer time before turn on.


• The spray produces a jet of air which will reliably remove even the
   finest dust particles. It is chemically pure, leaves no residue and
   doesn’t corrode other materials.

  • Prekės kodas: Q-FL400
  • Laikinai nėra
  • Kaina:


    su PVM

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