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Daugiafunkcinis testeris LCR-T4 12864LCD ESR SCR

  • Daugiafunkcinis testeris LCR-T4 12864LCD ESR SCR
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Boot voltage detection
Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFET, diode (including double diode), thyristor, transistor, resistor and capacitor and other components
Automatic test the pin of a component, and display on the LCD
Can detect the transistor, MOSFET protect diode amplification coefficient and the determine to cardinal number and the emitter transistor forward biased voltage
Measure the grid electrode threshold voltage and the MOSFET of gate capacitance
High test speed, the validity of the component test in 2 seconds (except in large capacitor, which need a long time, the measured time is normal in 1 minute)
A key operation, one-click fix the boot test
Closed power consumption modes: less than 20 nA
Automatic shutdown function, which can avoid unnecessary waste, to save battery power, improve the battery life

  • Resistor:0.1Ω-50MΩ
  • Capacitor:25pF-100000uF
  •  Inductance:0.01mH - 20H
  • Working power: DV-9V
  • Standby current: 0.02uA
  • Operating current: 25mA
  • Prekės kodas: P-6837
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    su PVM

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