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Litavimo stotelė ZD-987 60W 220V 480°C

  • Litavimo stotelė ZD-987 60W 220V 480°C
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Combinated solder station ZD-987 with short heating up solder iron and desoldering gun, digital display with target and actual value of temperature, ESD protection

This station concentrates flexibility and ease of use with small footprint. It possesses a desoldering gun and a solder iron in only one station. Gun and iron can be used at the same time but independently digitaly regulated between 160° and 480°C. 2 LC-displays shows the target- and current temperature value of each part of the station.

  • Ideal for hobby, school, workshop, service and lab
  • Compact, stable, protective insulated housing of coated steel sheet with plastics front panel
  • Soldering iron, iron holder, Desoldering gun and holder included
  • Digital display of target- and actual temperatue
  • Electronic sensor for temperature regulating
  • Short heating-up times thanks to amply designed power supplies.
  • Powerful 60 Watt (130W heating up) solder iron for a wide range of application
  • Accurate temperature adjustment in 1°C steps with buttons between 160...480°C
  • Optical and akkoustic error indication in case of mailfunction
  • Ceramic heater
  • ESD protection

Technical Specifications:

  • Modell: ZD-987
  • Input Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Fuse: 3A
  • Solder Iron: Voltage: 24VAC, Power: 60W (130W heating up), temperature range 160-480°C
  • Desolering gun: Voltage: 24VAC, Power: 80W, temperature range: 160-480°C, vacuum: 0,8bar
  • Dimension/Weight: 235x225x173mm, 4.1kg

Scope of Delivery

    * Combined Soldering Station ZD-987
    * Power Cord
    * Soldering Iron ZD-415 with tip 1,0mm
    * Desoldering Gun ZD-552 with tip 1,0mm
    * 2 tips for desoldering gun 0,8mm and 1,2mm
    * 3 needles for cleaning the desoldering tip
    * Additional Filter for the desoldering gun
    * Support for desoldering gun to place at the station
    * Support for soldering iron

  • Gamintojas: ZHONGDI
  • Prekės kodas: I-ZD987
  • Yra sandėlyje
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