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Garso komutatorius TAGA Harmony TVS-4

  • Garso komutatorius TAGA Harmony TVS-4
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  • Garso komutatorius TAGA Harmony TVS-4

TVS-4 is a dual-source, 4 zones speaker selector with separate volume control for each speaker pair (1 pair per zone). Volume controls are located on the front panel, allowing very convenient way of adjusting the volume in each zone.

The unique functions are:  two amplifiers inputs, so you can choose different either program in each zone as well as zones on/off selectors.

TVS-4 uses high-quality impedance-matching autoformers to maintain a safe operating load at the amplifier while distributing maximum power throughout your system. Designed for use with either 4- or 8-ohm speakers, the TVS-4 is equipped with internal jumpers to select the degree of impedance matching based on the impedance of your speakers and your amplifier's impedance requirements.


  • 4-Zone Dual Source Speaker Selector with Impedance Matching Volume Control
  • Black Aluminum Volume Controls
  • A/B amplifiers
  • Individual On/OFF Selectors for Each Zone
  • Removable and Solder-less Connection Terminals
  • Brushed Black Aluminum Faceplate
  • Accepts Up to 14-Gauge Speaker Cable
  • 200Watts Max Power Per Channel
  • 100Watts Rms Power Per Channel
  • (W x D x H) 432x160x63mm
  • Gamintojas: TAGA Harmony
  • Prekės kodas: B-TVS4
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • Kaina:


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