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Garso stiprintuvas ausinėms TAGA THDA-500T lempinis, USB

  • Garso stiprintuvas ausinėms TAGA THDA-500T lempinis, USB
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  • Garso stiprintuvas ausinėms TAGA THDA-500T lempinis, USB


This midi Class A vacuum tube headphone amplifier provides a clear, rich and powerful sound.
The true high-end sound has never been so affordable before!
The THDA-500T is a hybrid vacuum tube/solid state headphone amplifier which utilizes discrete MOSFET outputs and a 12AX7 vacuum tube.
Pure Class A, single ended design with no negative feedback offers the best sound performance and powerful sound.
The THDA-500T uses only fully discrete circuits with audiophile-grade Wima coupling and Rubycon power supply capacitors. 
Thanks to a 3.5V stereo preamp output you can connect your THDA-500T directly to a power amplifier or powered speakers.
A precisely made, extremely quiet and stable, linear internal power supply supports ultra-high-end sound performance.
The removable IEC power cable gives you an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.
You can connect it directly to your computer through a USB input and thanks to the built-in high-resolution premium USB-DAC 24bit/192kHz (Cirrus Logic CS4344) you are able to change your digital music to a thrilling music experience.
Stunning sound embedded in a very rigid, non-resonant and luxurious steel-aluminum casing (10mm front and 6mm rear aluminum panels).


Power Output:

2 x 500mW @ 100 Ohm load,

Pure Class A  single ended design with no negative feedback

Discrete MOSFET output

Linear internal power supply

DAC Resolution:

Asynchronous 24bit / 192kHz

Cirrus Logic CM6631A+CS4344 chip

Vacuum Tubes: 1 x 12AX7

Less or equal 0.1% @ 100 Ohm

(1kHz, 300mW)

Signal/Noise ratio:


Input Sensitivity: 750mV

RCA stereo AUX, USB (for computer)


RCA Pre-Out

Headphone Impedance: 30 to 300 Ohm (1/4”)
Included Accessories:

USB cable, DC Adapter

AC Power, Power Consumption: 220V-240V 50/60Hz, 10W
Dimensions (H x W x D): 12 x 17 x 23.5 cm
Weight (net): 2.5 kg / pc.

  • Prekės kodas: B-THDA500T
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