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Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 12V/~230V taisyklingos sinusoidės formos 600W

  • Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 12V/~230V taisyklingos sinusoidės formos 600W
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  • Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 12V/~230V taisyklingos sinusoidės formos 600W

The inverter with rectifier ICS600 is a first-class product among high-frequency converters. Thanks to its careful design can operate in three modes: as an inverter, a battery charger or battery connected as UPS. DC powered from the vehicle battery or directly credited in a reliable and efficient manner all the household appliances that require alternating current of sinusoidal waveform. Once connected to the network can charge the battery. Charging ends automatically when the battery is fully charged. At the time of interruption of power supply from the mains, the device automatically switches to within about 4 seconds converter operation and will convert energy from the battery supplied as standard UPS.

- sinusoidal
- high efficiency
- low power consumption in standby mode
- intelligent control of the fan
- advanced microprocessor
- fully insulated circuits of low and high voltage
- a number of built-in safeguards - against low voltage, over voltage, load, short circuit, overheating protection
- solid construction, the possibility of securing a permanent, interesting design
- LED indicator
- USB gniado


  • Inverter:
    • continuous power: 600W
    • Peak power: 1200W
    • DC input voltage: 11V-15V
    • Ooutput voltage AC 230V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz (± 3 Hz)
    • the output waveform: sine wave
    • Output voltage USB port: DC 5V, 500mA
    • maximum efficiency: 90%
    • alarm (low current value): ≤0,45A
    • alarm (low voltage DC input): 10,2V ~ 10.8V
    • off (low voltage DC input): 9,2V ~ 9.8V
    • off at overload: 650W ~ 800W
    • the optimum temperature 5°C ~ 35°C
    • heat dissipation: built-in fan
  • Rectifier:
    • input voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz ~ 60 Hz
    • operating voltage: AC 200V ~ 250V
    • maximum charge current: 10A
    • Time for automatic switching function UPS: 4 seconds
    • Current consumption in standby mode: 0.7 A
  • Prekės kodas: B-INV600W/12SIN
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