Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 12V/~220V 500W

Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 12V/~220V 500W
Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 12V/~220V 500W
Gamintojas: BLOW
Prekės kodas: B-INV500/12
Laikinai nėra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 48.00€ su PVM
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Electronic voltage converter BLOW HRP-500 . The unit converts the DC voltage of 12V to 230V AC voltage. Thanks to this ideal for car and other vehicles equipped with a 12V system. Perfect for powering laptops, netbooks, chargers, small domestic appliances etc.
The unit is characterized by a robust performance and low failure rate. The casing of the inverter is made ​​entirely of aluminum, which contributes to heat dissipation. Additionally equipped with a quiet fan for cooling systems inside the unit. HRP-500 has a number of safeguards to protect the connected device include: overload protection, thermal protection, antyzwarciowe and others. BLOW converter has an auto-restart. Thanks to the inverter turns off after activation of one of the security, it is not necessary to power off. Just reduce the load and the inverter will start automatically. Operating status is signaled by lighting up LEDs. The converter has a set of connecting cables for installation. You can connect to the battery or the cigarette lighter.


  • 500 Watt continuous power and 1000 Watt instantaneous power
  • Full protection inputs and outputs, and overload
  • Automatic restart and shutdown after overheating
  • alarm and automatic shutdown at low battery
  • Built-in fan
  • Works with most electrical devices
  • Robust design, small size, attractive design 
  • LED indication


  • continuous Power: 500W
  • peak power: 1000W
  • input voltage: 10-15V DC
  • output voltage: 100 / 110/120 / V AC 60Hz
  • output voltage: 220/230 / 240V AC 50Hz
  • The shape of the output waveform: sine wave modified filter
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • current static: <400mA
  • protection against low voltage input: (10 ± 0 5) V
  • Warning of low voltage input: (10.5 ± 0.5) V
  • overload protection output: 600W
  • Dimensions: (without sockets)
    • length: 178mm    
    • width: 102mm    
    • height: 58mm
  • Weight: 1000g

Kit includes:

  • inverter BLOW HRP-500
  • connecting cables with crocodiles to BATTERY. (L. 1m)
  • mManual in Polish