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Automobilinė DVB-T antena ATS13

  • Automobilinė DVB-T antena ATS13
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The presence of transmission LTE on 800 MHz may adversely affect the quality DVB-T through too strong signal, causing interference and interfering with proper reception of digital terrestrial television. Under such conditions on the television screen will appear abnormal individual pixels, or a significant part of distortion of the image and a sound. The stronger the interference, the picture often becomes "frozen" or even completely disappear from the screen of the receiver. These types of problems will appear suddenly, even with the slight deterioration of the conditions of DVB-T.

With interference from LTE 800 MHz can be quite effective in a fight by the so-called LTE filters. This filter effectively suppresses signal frequencies from 790 MHz to 862 MHz, which is the full extent to which housed the LTE 800 MHz. A better solution is to use external directional antennas with built-in filter LTE. 
The new line of antennas BLOW was equipped with LTE filter that allows the elimination of signal interference from terrestrial digital television transmitters or devices using LTE technology. This ensures the system used SMT PROTECT 4G which effectively prevents mutual interference.
- Compact design
- Ultrasonic welding, fully waterproof
- SMT circuit, especially for digital TV reception HD
- Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
- The magnetic holder 
- Can be used in vehicles
- Input voltage: 12 ~ 24V DC
- Range: VHF / VHF
- Frequency range: 170-790 MHz
- Enhance FM 30 dB
- Strengthened VHF 25 dB
- Resistance: 75 Ohm
- Rotation: 90 degrees
- Size: 590x65x95mm
  • Prekės kodas: B-ATS13
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