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Bevielė aliarmo signalizacija su judesio davikliu

  • Bevielė aliarmo signalizacija su judesio davikliu
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* Place the correct batteries in the detector & in the receiver units
* Make sure that the batteries have been put in the proper positions
* Mount the detector properly by the front door, window frame, driveway, walk path, backyard or anywhere you need
* Then switch on the receiver and adjust the volume to either hi or lo position
* Now the remote detective system is operating with the infrared detect technology
* Place the receiver in an easy to reach place
* When the detected senses motion, the receiver will make an audible sound & the LED light will flash
* Please wait for 30 seconds after switching on detective & receiver to activate
* Please install both units 3 feet above ground level for optimal performance
* Wireless Detector size: 89 x 62 x 48mm
* Receiver size: 92 x 67 x 37mm

Wireless Detector / Outdoor:
* Requires 9V heavy duty battery
* Infrared motion detection reaches maximum 400ft. Obstacles in front may shorten and narrow the coverage
* Switch inside unit for ON / OFF must switch on after installing batteries

Receiver / Indoor:
* Requires 2xAA batteries (not included)
* HI/LO switch for adjusting volume
* Mounting bracket on back
* When signals received, LCD indicator will flash & a built in speaker will give out beeping sound

Package includes:
* 1 x Electro guard watch the remote detection system
* 1 x User manual (English)

  • Prekės kodas: B-AG175
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