Lazerinis modulis HLDPM10-650-3 650nm 3mW DC3V

Lazerinis modulis HLDPM10-650-3 650nm 3mW DC3V
Prekės kodas: O*HLDPM10
Laikinai nėra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 6.50€ su PVM
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General purpose laser diodes modules in cylindrical housing.
Simple and easy application - modules need only supply voltage.
Built-in electronic circuit ensures power emission stabilisation and protection against reversal supply voltage.
The frontal part of the housing is fitted on the 4.3 mm length with M9 x 0,5 thread.
Small size, easy mounting and simple operation ensure wide range of applications as: alarm, barrier, indication systems, visual effects creation, etc.
HLDPM10-650-3 modules do not have plastic housing.

Supply voltage : 3.0 VDC 
Beam colour : red
Wavelength : 650 nm 
Dimensions : 10.5 x 25,3 mm