Mini strobo lempa 12V 70x64mm mėlyna 12VDC

Mini strobo lempa 12V 70x64mm mėlyna 12VDC
Prekės kodas: O-HAA40B
Yra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 11.00€ su PVM
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  • for alarm systems, discos, personal use, warning in case of danger, etc...


  • lens colour: blue
  • long-life xenon tube
  • protected against polarity reversal
  • fully sealed and waterproof
  • power output: 1W
  • power supply: 12Vdc
  • current consumption: 150mA
  • flash rate: 90-110/min.
  • life expectancy: ± 3 x 1000000 flashes
  • operation temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • black ABS / acrylic cover
  • dimensions: 70(Ø) x 64mm
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