Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 24V/~220V 600W

Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 24V/~220V 600W
Prekės kodas: B-INV600W/24
Yra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 80.00€ su PVM
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nverter for 24V battery of car and boat. It will invert the 24V DC current to 230V AC. With this device 230V equipment can be connected anywhere! The inverter is equipped with a very high peak output power.


Output Voltage 230 V(AC)
Length 213 mm
Weight 2000 g
Input Voltage 24 V(DC)
Width 200 mm
Depth 70 mm
Output Schuko
Output Frequency 50 Hz
Fuse 20 A
Overload Protection Yes
Peak Output Power 1500 W
Input current standby 0.35 A
Output waveform Modified sine wave
Output Power Continuously 600 W
Efficiency 90 %
Low battery shutdown protection 20 V(DC)
Thermal Protection 60 °C
Output short circuit protection Yes
Too high input voltage protection Yes
Wrong battery polarity protection yes (by fuse)
Input Battery Clamps