Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 24V/~230V 2500W

Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 24V/~230V 2500W
Automobilinis įtampos keitiklis 24V/~230V 2500W
Prekės kodas: B-INV2500/24
Yra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 230.00€ su PVM
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Electronic voltage converter BLOW HRP-2500. The device converts the 24V DC voltage to AC voltage of 230V. Thanks ideal for truck and other vehicles equipped with a 24V system. Perfect for powering laptops, netbooks, chargers, small domestic appliances etc. Its high power allows you to connect more demanding devices that need to run more power. The device has a solid design and low failure rate. Housing converter is made ​​entirely of aluminum, which favors heat dissipation. Additionally equipped with a quiet fan, cooling circuits inside the machine. HRP-2500 has a number of safeguards to protect connected equipment, such as: overload protection, thermal protection and others. On the front side of the inverter mounted AC has two slots, so there is the possibility to connect two devices that will operate independently of each other. The 24V power is supplied to the inverter directly to the battery using the supplied cables. You can connect two batteries (eg. When one is too weak). Inverter BLOW has an auto-restart. Thanks to it, when the inverter shuts down after actuation of any of the safeguards, it is not necessary to power off. Just reduce the load and the inverter will start automatically. Operating status is signaled by lighting up LEDs.


  • 2500 Watt continuous power and 5000 Watt instantaneous
  • Full protection inputs and outputs, and overload
  • Automatic restart, and shutdown after overheating
  • Alarm and automatic shutdown at low battery
  • The built-in fan
  • Auto-restart
  • Works with most electrical devices
  • Robust, be mounted permanently, interesting design
  • LED Indicator


  • Continuous Power: 2500W
  • Peak Power: 5000W
  • Input voltage: 22-26V DC
  • Output voltage:  220/230 / 240V AC 
  • Frequency:  50 Hz
  • Output waveform: sine wave modified filter
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Static current: <1.2A
  • Protection against low voltage inputs: (20 ± 0.5) V
  • Warning low-voltage input: (21 ± 0.5) V
  • Overload protection: 3000W
  • Dimensions: (with mounting holes):
    • length: 290mm
    • width: 172mm
    • height: 140mm
  • Weight: 4kg

The kit includes:

  • Voltage converter BLOW HRP-2500 -1 pc.
  • Connecting cables to the battery - 2 pcs.
  • Manual in Polish - 1 pc.