2.5" HDD disko dėklas  Xbox 360 Slim
Disk enclosure 2.5" to XBOX - ideal when your console is getting low on games and games saves. Pr..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AK248
2.5" HDD disko dėklas PlayStation 3
2.5" HDD frame drive to the console Sony Playstation 3 SuperSlim - ideal when your console is gettin..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-PSP26
3D spausdintuvas K8400 Vertex
Visit VERTEX 3D PRINTER website: The Vertex is the next generation Vellema..
780.00€ su PVM
Kodas: B-K8400

AKCIJA Ultravioletinių spindulių pinigų tikrintuvas 230V
Features check the authenticity of money and credit cards traces all types of fluorescent ma..
11.00€ 6.60€ su PVM
Kodas: P-ZLUV220
Akumuliatorius XBOX 360 konsolės pultui 2.7V 4800mAh
The battery is specially designed to provide power for the controller of Microsoft Xbox 360. Keep yo..
6.00€ su PVM
Kodas: A-KX6
Akvariumo oro kompresorius (burbuliatorius)
The aerator is an essential addition to any aquarium. Aeration is one of the most important factors ..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AG204
Apsauginiai akiniai PROT08
Protection glasses with ergonomic wrap-around design, black nylon frame, polycarbonate clear lens an..
4.50€ su PVM
Kodas: I-PROT08

Dėtuvė dviračiui tvirtinama po sėdyne
Saddle bag / pouch for the bike - can comfortably carry small items on the bike, rather than in your..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: X-TR10
Diktofonas MP3/WAV 512MB
Digital voice recorder with a card reader, radio and automatic recording when sound is detected. ..
26.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AK227A
Dirvožemio pH matuoklis
Soil pH Meter is ideal for checking alkalinity or acidity of soils, allowing you to give the best of..
5.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AG146

Dronas su 2MP kamera ±50m 2.4Ghz Overmax X-BEE 3.1
Feel like a helicopter pilot and shoot amazing videos from the sky! X-Bee Drone 3.1 provides you w..
94.00€ su PVM
Kodas: X-BEE
Dronas su 2MP kamera ±60m 2.4Ghz DRON Xblitz online WiFi
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ability to control your phone, tablet or just a remote control Compa..
110.00€ su PVM
Kodas: X-BLITZ
Dronas su HD kamera ±50m 4-kanalų 2.4GHz
Features 6-axis gyro quadcopter for indoor and outdoor use supports various movements: up-do..
85.00€ su PVM
Kodas: B-RCQC1
Dronas su kamera 50-100m 2FAST2FUN
2FAST2FUN Smart Drone allows you to fly and see your recordings at the same time. Watch what the dro..
100.00€ su PVM
Kodas: X-2FSD2017

Dviračio kompiuteris su 14 funkcijų
Ccompletely waterproof, 14 function wired bike computer. Product Features: Brand new, high ..
6.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AG413
Dviračio kompiuteris su 28 funkcijomis
Brand new LCD display wired bicycle computer odometer speedmeter Real-time display of the curre..
10.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AG183
Elektrinis oro kompresorius čiužiniui
Electric pump powered from the cigarette lighter socket or power outlet - ideal for inflating mattre..
11.50€ su PVM
Kodas: P-AG415
Elektrinių roletų WiFi valdiklis ShutterBox
ShutterBox is a device designed to wireless control of electric roller shutters, awnings, screens, e..
69.00€ su PVM
Kodas: P-EL01001
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