Bevielis mikrofonas TS-331 40-13000Hz 80dB 50m

Bevielis mikrofonas TS-331 40-13000Hz 80dB 50m
Prekės kodas: G-TS331
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TAKSTAR TS-331 is a compact single channel wireless microphone system most suitable for karaoke or supplementary equipment to portable loudspeakers. The main features include:

►Operating at 220MHz-270MHz VHF band, which effectively improves prevention from interference.
►Enhanced band-pass filters at higher and medium frequencies which effectively reduce interfering signals.
►Transmitter operating in normal condition even with battery voltage down to 6V.
►LED indication when batteries become low, prompting the user to replace the batteries.
►Special circuitry designed to eliminate popping noise when turning the transmitters on or off.
►Quartz frequency stabiliser used to improve performance consistency.
►Audio signals compressed and then reformed to further reduction of noise and improvement of dynamic range.

Mute Control: Noise-Locking
Frequency Deviation: ±18kHz
Frequency Response: 60Hz-13kHz
Frequency Steadiness: ±0.005%
S/N Ratio: >80dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% (1kHz)
Channel: One channel
Sensitivity: -80dB M
Operation Distance: 50m in open area
Receiver Power Supply: DC 9V/300mA
Transmitter Power Supply: 9V battery
Transmit Power: 20mW
Frequency Range: 220MHz-270MHz
Output Type: Single output