Akumuliatorius mob.telefonui "Samsung" Galaxy Y/S5360

Akumuliatorius mob.telefonui "Samsung" Galaxy Y/S5360
Prekės kodas: A-SAMGY
Yra sandėlyje.
Kaina: 10.00€ su PVM
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  • replacement for the following battery models: Samsung: EB-454357VU
  • suitable for the following devices: Samsung: Galaxy Y, S5360
  • integrated Protection unit by Lithium batteries (protection against Overcharge, Overhead and short circuit)
  • without memory effekt
  • 3 Years warranty on function
  • can be charged with the original charger


technology Li-Ion
voltage 3,7 V
capacity 950 mAh
lenght 56,5 mm
width 43 mm
lenght 4,8 mm
color black
weight 22 g
model internal battery pack
suitable for Samsung