Soldering station ZD931 48W 220V 480°C

Soldering station ZD931 48W 220V 480°C
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 This weld machine is an welding tool for an amateur fancier, school,car of electronics, and for maintaining the service, producing with laboratory.
 It has the precise function of regulating temperature, 1 degree or 10 degrees per grade can be regulated through the temperature regulating button.
 When operation breakdown takes place, warnings will appear through screen display and sound.

Technology specification:
Power supply voltage: 110volt (110volt-130volt) /60Hz
                                    230volt (220volt-240volt) /50Hz
Electric iron Power: 48watt
Equipment power supply fuse: T1 A250volt(50x20mm glass pipe)
Regulating scope of temperature:150°C-450°C
Temperature display:2*31/2grades LCD display,
                   display scope:150°C-450°C
Display precision:5%
Circumstance humidity:+5°C-+40°C,relative humidity <85%
                     (not in humidification)
Atmospheric pressure:600hpa-1000hpa
Shell size:195x87x165mm width/height/depth(Without electric iron)
Weight: about 2000grams