Fan KD2412PMV2 (120x120X38 24VDC 197.2m3/h 44dBA Vapo 5,4W)

Fan KD2412PMV2 (120x120X38 24VDC 197.2m3/h 44dBA Vapo 5,4W)
Brand: SUNON
Product Code: B*KD2412PMV2
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Type of fan: DC
Kind of fan: axial
Supply voltage: 24V DC
Fan dimensions: 120x120x38mm
Power consumption: 5.4W
Current rating: 0.224A
Fan efficiency: 197.2m3/h
Noise level: 44dBA
Kind of Bearing: Vapo
Rotational rate/speed: 2600 (±10%)rpm
Current and power consumption tolerance: ±15%
Min. insulation resistance: 10MΩ
Impeller material: thermoplastic
Enclosure material: thermoplastic
Insulation class: A
Leads: 2
Operating temperature: -10...70°C
Cable length: 330mm
Fan motor: brushless DC motor
Flammability rating: UL94V-0
Static pressure: 6.6mm H2O
Additional functions: Autorestart
Operating voltage: 10...27.6V
Wire size: 24AWG

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