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Features compact but bright LED effect 82 lenses projecting a multitude of coloured beams ov..
56.50€ with VAT
Product Code: X-VDPL300CB
Blue strobe light 12V LED
HC-05CH Signaling: optical strobe Strobe frequency: 60 / min Power supply: 12V DC / 140mA ..
10.00€ with VAT
Product Code: O-26425
Blue strobe light 12V with magnetic pad
Strobe LED magnet Signalling:  optical-strobe Strobe Frequency : ~ 500 / min Power su..
10.00€ with VAT
Product Code: O-26428
Bubble liquid 5l
Features This product is a water based liquid designed for bubble machines to produce bubbles ..
16.00€ with VAT
Product Code: Q-VDLBL5

Bubble machine 25W
This bubble machine produces large quantities of bubbles for that added disco effect. Specificati..
51.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-VDL25BM
Bubble machine 3VDC/ 2xC
Create a fun, nostalgic atmosphere with this portable bubble machine. This lightweight bubble machin..
28.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-HQPE10001

Disco ball 20 cm and motor set with LEDs
Mount this mirror ball to your ceiling and watch as it turns your bedroom, playroom or partyroom int..
30.41€ with VAT
Product Code: X-DISCO07
Disco light - space flower 100W VDL100CM
Colour moonflower effect. 21 coloured beams.Features3 operation modes: music-controlled, continuous ..
68.00€ with VAT
Product Code: X-VDL100CM
Disco light kit (pin spot, colour wheel, mirror ball)
Get your party ready with this set, having a PAR36 with colorwheel and 20 cm mirrorball to give you ..
48.00€ with VAT
Product Code: X-VDLPROM11
Double 4" rotating disco light
This double-rotating disco light has 2 balls with multi coloured reflectors that turn your bedroom, ..
34.75€ with VAT
Product Code: X-DISCO02

Drumming santa with USB connection
Features plays 4 different Christmas carols one touch on/off no drivers required, works on..
12.00€ with VAT
Product Code: B-PCUSBDS
Endcap for Aluminum Profile SR15 2 pcs
0.90€ with VAT
Product Code: X-SR15/A
Flashing mini LED light with hanger, green
Featurescan be worn around the neck or attached to a key chain or bagSpecificationscolour: greenpowe..
0.70€ with VAT
Product Code: X-LF5GN
Flashing mini LED light with hanger, yellow
Featurescan be worn around the neck or attached to a key chain or bagSpecificationscolour: yellow po..
0.70€ with VAT
Product Code: X-LF5YN

FLB luminescence lamp 30cm blue
Specifications colour: blue dimensions: 300mm x Ø 4mm tube voltage: 180 ~ 800V average b..
3.19€ with VAT
Product Code: O-FLB
High density smoke liquid 5l
Five litres of high-density, long-lasting smoke liquid. Featuresthis fluid works perfectly with the ..
17.00€ with VAT
Product Code: Q-VDLSLHT5
Laser beamer 5mW
• Red graphic laser • 12 Preset patterns • 3 Modes: fast, slow, audio • Power supply: 4x AAA battery..
44.00€ with VAT
Product Code: X-LASER10
Laser PARTY-GOBOLASER green and red
Features: Firefly laser with 4 gobo-like effects Laser power: Red 100mW, Green 20mW Auto o..
29.00€ with VAT
Product Code: X-PARTY/GOBO
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