Relay RM84 (24VAC 8A 250VAC)

Relay RM84 (24VAC 8A 250VAC)
Product Code: V-RM84-24AC
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  • Type of relay: electromagnetic     
  • Contacts configuration: DPDT     
  • Rated coil voltage: 24V AC     
  • AC contacts rating @R: 8A / 250V AC     
  • DC contacts rating @R: 8A / 24V DC     
  • Contact current max.: 8A     
  • Switched voltage: max. 250V DC, max. 440V AC     
  • Relay variant: miniature     
  • Mounting: PCB     
  • Coil resistance: 400Ω     
  • Coil voltage min.: 19.2V AC     
  • Coil voltage max.: 28.8V AC     
  • Operate time: 7ms     
  • Dimensions: 29x12.7x15.7mm     
  • Release time: 3ms     
  • Coil power consumption: 750mVA     
  • IP rating: IP67     
  • Mechanical durability: 30000000cycles     
  • Operating temperature: -40...85°C         
  • Relay series: RM84     
  • Contact resistance: 100mΩ     
  • Contact material: AgNi     
  • Terminal pitch: 5mm     
  • Height: 15.7mm     
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  • Number of pins: 8
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