Vibration absorber material 50x75x0.23cm STP Black Gold

Vibration absorber material 50x75x0.23cm STP Black Gold
Brand: Standartplast
Product Code: Q-STPFIN
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The superb flexibility of this material allows for use on complex surfaces while providing the maximum vibration damping for material of this kind. This material is water-proof and once applied provides good defense against corrosion preventing any water and oxygen from coming in contact with chassis.

Areas for application:
Doors, Roof, Boot lid, Dashboard, Bonnet lid.

The surface needs to be dried and cleaned of any dust, grease and oil before application. Self-adhesive layer will ensure tight grip to the chassis.

Technical specifications:

  • Mechanical loss factor: more than 0.35
  • Thickness: 2.3 mm
  • Foil thickness: 100 micron
  • Weight: 4 kg / m²
  • Flammability: 100 millimeters / minute
  • Working temperature range: -45°C to +80°C
  • Water resistance: does not absorb moisture