Vibration Damper 75x47x0.3mm STP GB2.0

Vibration Damper 75x47x0.3mm STP GB2.0
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StP GB1.5 is a low-cost vibration-absorbing material, which is a structure consisting of 60 μm thick aluminum foil and a sticky polymer layer protected by release paper.

Recommendations for use and installation:

The temperature range of operation of the material is from -45 to +100 degrees.
The material is mounted on clean, dry, painted metal surfaces, including on surfaces of complex configuration. To clean the surface from contamination, it is recommended to use water with neutral detergents that do not contain organic solvents and alkali.
The temperature of the working room where the installation is carried out should be 18 ÷ 30 ° C.
The material is released from the release paper and carefully pressed to the work surface, avoiding the formation of air bubbles.
Installation on contaminated and corroded metal surfaces is not allowed.
When dismantling, reuse of the material is not possible.
If the material was stored at a temperature below 0 degrees, then before installation it must be kept at room temperature (from 18 to 30 degrees) for 24 hours.

Scope: doors, roof, hood and trunk lid, protective fenders.

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