Capacitor 3.0uF 450V 30x65mm

Capacitor  3.0uF 450V 30x65mm
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Detailed Product Description
(1) Widely applied to AC single phase motors for running
(2) High quality

(1). Climate type: 25 / 85 / 21
(2) Capacitance tolerance: ±5%, ±10%
(3) Testing voltage:
   (a)       Between leading-out: 1.75UR, 10S no breakdown
   (b)       Between leading-out end and shell: 2,200V AC, 10S no breakdown
(4) Insulation resistance:
   (a)       Between leading-out ends: ≥3,000MΩ
   (b)       Between leading-out end and shell: ≥1,000MΩ
(5) Tangent of loss angle: tgδ≤0.002 (50Hz)
(6) Used especially for micro water pumps, cleaning machines, washing machines and single-phase water pump motors
(7) Small and lightweight
(8) Long lifespan and good self-healing

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