Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT12D

Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT12D
Brand: UNI-T
Product Code: P-UT12D
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Non-contact AC voltage detector with built-in flashlight and acoustic-optical synchronous warning function. It is widely used in the maintenance of low voltage equipment such as wires, cables, sockets and other electrical / electronic equipment. It is a very useful tool for electricians. Just place the sensor head near the test object or in an AC outlet. When AC voltage is detected, the red LED on the tip lights up and the buzzer sounds. The buzzer frequency and detection LEDs increase as the detector approaches the test object.

Detects mains AC voltage
Voltage indication: The acoustic signal and the flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage
Automatic shutdown

Technical parameters:

AC voltage (High): 90 ~ 1000 V AC
AC voltage (Low): 24V ~ 1000V AC
Frequency range: 50/60 Hz
Built-in flashlight
Audible (buzzer) and visual (LED) indication
Auto power off
Low voltage indication
Drop test: 1m
Power: 1.5V battery (R03) x 2
Product net weight: 50g
Product size: 150 x 18 x 23 mm
Standard accessories: Batteries