ABS plastic box G447 (150x80x60)mm

ABS plastic box G447 (150x80x60)mm
Brand: Gainta Industries Ltd.
Product Code: X-DG447
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  • This range of molded cases are ideally suited for instrumentation and telecommunication equipment from hand-held to LAB and desk top aizes 
  • Molded in high impact ABS which is flame retardant to UL94-VO or high impact ABS material 
  • These molded plastic cases have a two part design with a tongue and groove joint between the top and bottom case with specially designed end panels of the same material or the option of aluminium end panels 
  • This design affords environmental sealing to IP54 of IEC 529 
  • The top and bottom case are lightly textured which affords a non-scratch surface and maintains the high quality finish 
    There are guide slots provided for vertical mounting of PCBs 
  • Bosses are provided for the horizontal mounting of PCBs 
  • Four M-3 screws are countersunk in the base and thread into brass inserts which secure the LID and end panels firmly
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