Clear silicone RTV gasket maker Gunk 85g

Clear silicone RTV gasket maker Gunk 85g
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  • Sealing, Coating, and Repair Fluids
  • Silicone RTV Gasket Sealants
  • Bonds to metal, plastics, glass, vinyl, rubber, leather, fabrics, wood, tile, and ceramics. Odors or chemicals in product will not effect oxygen sensors. Resists temperatures up to 650°F. Not recommended for cylinder head gasketing or uses involving continuous contact with gasoline or other solvents.
Silicone RTV Gasket Sealant, Clear, 3 Oz., Tube, Temp Range 0 to 400 F, Application Time 20 to 30 Minutes, Full Cure 24 Hrs.
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