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Connects the motherboard to the serial ATA hard diskTypeS-ATA Data CableConnector 17p MaleConnector ..
1.65€ with VAT
Product Code: K-SATA
Extra shielded eSATA data connection cable. the extra shielding makes the cables less vulnerable for..
3.60€ with VAT
Product Code: K-ESATAKK
Cable "4pin jack - 15pin S-ATA plug"
Power adaptor cable for IDE devices or fixed discs eg. for current power supplies, which only have S..
1.45€ with VAT
Product Code: K-SATA4
Cable "eSATA female - SATA male" 0.5m
3.60€ with VAT
Product Code: K-ESATAKL

Cable "VHDCI male – VHDCI male" SCSI 68PIN 1.8m
6-FOOT Cable Vhdci/ Vhdci For Compaq (HP) Computers 68 PIN Offset Very High Density (M) TO 68 PIN..
7.82€ with VAT
Product Code: K-VHDCI

Cable FTP 6E PATCH "RJ45 male – RJ45 male" 1.5m shielded Clicktronic
Connections Connection, type: RJ45 plug (8P8C) Connection 2, type: RJ45 plug (8P8C) Connec..
16.00€ with VAT
Product Code: K-79958

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