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Loop-Shaped 10mm Tip 95mm² for Cable TLK95-10
d2 = 10.5mm W = 26mm ..
2.60€ with VAT
Product Code: S-KST217
Loop-shaped 10mm tip for 16mm² wire/ TLK16-10
DIMENSIONS: a: 13mm b: 17mm C1: 10.5mm C2: 11.5mm d1: 5.5mm d2: 10.5mm d3: 8.5mm ..
0.70€ with VAT
Product Code: S-KST208
Loop-shaped 10mm tip for 25mm² wire/ TLK25-10
DIMENSIONS: a: 15mm b: 18mm C1: 12mm C2: 12mm d1: 7.0mm d2: 10.5mm d3: 10mm I: 3..
0.85€ with VAT
Product Code: S-KST214

Loop-shaped 10mm tip for 35mm² wire/ TLK35-10
DIMENSIONS: a: 17mm b: 19mm C1: 12mm C2: 12mm d1: 8.5mm d2: 10.5mm d3: 12mm I: 3..
1.35€ with VAT
Product Code: S-KST215
Loop-shaped 10mm tip for 50mm² wire/ TLK50-10
DIMENSIONS: a: 19mm b: 20mm C1: 12mm C2: 12mm d1: 10mm d2: 10.5mm d3: 14mm I: 39..
1.80€ with VAT
Product Code: S-KST216
Loop-shaped 12mm tip for 16mm² wire/ TLK16-12
DIMENSIONS:a: 13mm b: 19mm C1: 12mm C2: 13mm d1: 5.5mm d2: 13mm d3: 8.5mm I: 33mm S: 1.5mm..
0.70€ with VAT
Product Code: S-KST210

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