Soldering station  iCon pico 68W (+150C...+450C) 220V ERSA

Soldering station  iCon pico 68W (+150C...+450C) 220V ERSA
Brand: ERSA GmbH
Product Code: I*ICONPICO
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Due to the i-CON picos simple and user-friendly operating concept, the factory settings provide for a variable adjustment of operating temperature as well as setting of stand-by time and calibration value. Using the free-of-charge PC software and by an optional micro smart SD card further setting options like fixed temperatures, energy level, interlock and shutdown functions are available.

The technological master plan of the i-CON nano assures that the optimal parameters are used for each application. Hereby the i-CON nano stands for highest process stability and quality control with regard to low investment costs and operation expenses. The automatic stand-by and shutdown function provide for energy savings and an increased tip lifetime.