Notebook battery charger 19VDC 3.42A 5.5x1.7mm ACER

Notebook battery charger 19VDC 3.42A 5.5x1.7mm ACER
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  • Manufacturer: AKYGA     
  • Type of power supply: switched-mode     
  • Maximum output current: 3.42A     
  • Kind of output connector: 5,5/1,7     
  • Power: 65W     
  • Application: for notebooks     
  • Kind of case: desktop     
  • Kind of power supply: volatage source     
  • Kind of input connector: IEC C6     
  • Conform to the norm: Energy efficiency Level V     
  • Protection: anti-overload, anti-overvoltage, overheating, short circuit protection     
  • Kit contents: without power cable     
  • Operating temperature: 0...40°C     
  • Connector variant: angled     
  • Efficiency: 80%     
  • Length of output cable: 1.2m     
  • Body dimensions: 113x49x29mm    
  • Output voltage: 19V DC     
  • Supply voltage: 100...240V AC     
  • Application - device manufacturer: Acer, Packard Bell
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