DC12 - 24V 30A Manual Dimmer Controller Knob for Single Color LED Strip Light

DC12 - 24V 30A Manual Dimmer Controller Knob for Single Color LED Strip Light
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You can conveniently adjust the brightness of your LED bulbs/Led  Strip with this dimmer
Led Dimmer is a controller that it can adjust brightness  infinitely, its control mode is knob-operated control, you could  adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance  with your actual need, Perfect tools for most lighting purpose.


  • 0~100% brightness adjustable
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Adjust the light soft and stable, no flickering.
  • PWM digital dimming, avoid rush current, protect your LED lights
  • Mainly use to adjust single color LED light lamps and Led Strip.
  • Constant voltage and constant current output can be connected  with amplifiers to extend its load.


  • 12-24V 8A dimmer controller:
  • Working temperature: -20-60℃
  • Supply voltage: DC12V-24V
  • Output: 1 channel
  • Max load current: 8A
  • Out power: 12V<96W,24V<192W
  • Item size: L89 x W59 x H35 mm
  • Package size: L96ΧW64ΧH65 mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Shell color: White 
  • 12-24V 30A dimmer controller:
  • Input: DC12V-24V
  • Working Temperature: -20~60ºC 
  • Output: 1 Channel
  • Out power: 12V<360W,24V<720W 
  • Static power consumption: 1W
  • There is a black knob, just twirl it to adjust the brightness of LED  lights
  • Size: Dimension (L x W x H): Approx. 85 x 65 x 20mm
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