4x USB car charger 9.6A

4x USB car charger 9.6A
4x USB car charger 9.6A
Brand: BLOW
Product Code: P-75744
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The car charger has been created to provide USB power for rear seat passengers. Charger in addition to two USB ports in the plug has an additional module with two USB ports, which can quickly attach to the back of the front seats. In addition, it has a IQ chip, which means that all ports are compatible with devices from Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG and other leading manufacturers.

Special features:

  • a IQ chip
  • the ability to simultaneously charge four devices
  • designed to help provide power to USB for rear seat passengers
  • stylish design


  • 12-24 DC input voltage
  • output voltage 5V
  • the maximum output current 9,6A (4x2,4A)
  • overvoltage
  • backlight turns blue point (connectors and module)
  • line length: 170cm
  • dimensions of the plug: 70x40x40mm
  • module dimensions: 68x50x16 (25 *) mm
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