Lead-acid battery charger 6/12V 800mA

Lead-acid battery charger 6/12V 800mA
Brand: Minwa Electronics Co., LTD
Product Code: P-MW126C08
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General Information
Model : MW 126C08GS
Name : 6/12V 800mA Plug-In Lead Acid Battery Charger
Group : Battery charger  
Technical Information
Rated voltage : 230VAC 
Rated input power :  
Battery size : 6/12V Lead Acid Battery
Charging current : 800 mA
Charger type : Lead Acid Battery Charger
Discharge function : No
Frequency : 50 Hz
Testing function : No
Battery type : Lead Acid Battery
Input method : Plug-In
Output power : 9.6VA (max)
Output voltage : 6/12 VDC
Product Dimension : 98x68x93mm
Remarks : With X2-01E/Plug E 

Packing Information
Standard Packing : Color Gift Box