Digital Multimeter HYELEC MS84

Digital Multimeter HYELEC MS84
Digital Multimeter HYELEC MS84
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This instrument complies with IEC 61010-1, CAT. III 1000V and CAT.Ⅳ 600V overvoltage standards. See Specifications.
To get the best service from this instrument, read carefully this user's manual and respect the detailed safety precautions.
International symbols used on the Meter and in this manual are explained in chapter 1.1.3

Display: 2000 Counts
Data hold: √
Diode test: √
Transistor: √
Continuity: √
Back light: √
Power supply: 9V 6F22 Battery(Not included)
Safety Rating: CE CAT.III1000V CAT.IV600V RoHS

DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V±(0.5%+1) 1000V±(0.8%+2)
AC Voltage: 2V/20V/200V±(0.8%+3) 750V±(1.2%+3)
DC Current: 20mA/200mA±(1.5%+1) 20A±(2.0%+5)
AC Current: 20mA/200mA±(1.8%+3) 20A±(3.0%+7)
Resistance: 200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ/20MΩ±(0.8%+5) 200MΩ±(5.0%+10)
Capacitance: 2nF/20nF/200nF/2μF/20μF±(4.0%+5) 20nF/200nF/2μF/20μF/±(4.0%+5) 200μF±(5.0%+10)
Frequency: 20kHz±(1.5%+5)
Temperature(°C): -20°C~1000°C ±(2.0%+3)
Package size: 22 * 13 * 6cm / 8.3 * 5.1 * 2.4in
Package weight: 545g / 1.2lb

Package list:
1 * HYELEC MS84 Digital Multimeter
1 * Temperature Test Cable
1 * Test Convertor
2 * Test Cable
1 * English Manual

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