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Network Tester and Probe Kit Pro'sKit MT-7028
The MT-7028 let you easy to locate and verify the cable status and troubleshoot wiring for continuit..
60.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-MT7028
Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT11A
UT11 series non contact AC voltage detectors are UL certified products. It can be used in homes and ..
7.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT11A
Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT12A
UT12 series non contact detector is an upgraded non contact AC voltage detector made by UNI-T. It ca..
7.50€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT12A
Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT12D
Non-contact AC voltage detector with built-in flashlight and acoustic-optical synchronous warning fu..
8.50€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT12D

Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT12E
AC Voltage Frequency Vibration Audible & LED Indication LED light Auto Power Off Low VOlta..
13.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT12E
Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector UNI-T UT12S
Model: UT12S AC voltage (Low): 24V~1000V AC voltage (High): 90V~1000V Frequency range: 50/60Hz B..
8.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT12S

Screwdriver probe voltage tester 110~250V (-) Pro'sKit
Features:Easy and safeTests AC/DC voltage from 110-250VHandy pocket screwdriver is a fully functiona..
2.60€ with VAT
Product Code: I-SD328H

Voltage Detector KEW 5711 KYORITSU
Features: Senses AC voltage through insulation Buzzer sounds and tip glows upon ac voltage d..
30.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-KEW5711
Voltage Detector NT-305 Pro'sKit
Features Blue LED inside, measurement can be indentified clearly even in dark area. Auto-det..
4.30€ with VAT
Product Code: P-NT305
Voltage tester CAR CHECK
High ohm voltage indicator for electrical and electronic testing and fault detection in vehicles. Es..
15.00€ with VAT
Product Code: 7*910141
Voltage Tester KT 170 KYORITSU
Features: AC and DC voltage tests up to 690V with LED Comply with the latest standards IEC 6..
80.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-KT170

Voltage Tester KT 171 KYORITSU
Features: AC and DC voltage tests up to 690V with LEDs and LCD Comply with the latest standa..
115.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-KT171
Wall Scanner UT387B UNI-T Digital
Specifications: Range: Ferrous Metals: 80mm Non-ferrous Metals: 80mm Copper Conductors ..
65.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT387B
Wire Tracker UNI-T UT682
UT682 - Wire Tracker consists of a transmitter and a receiver. It has functions like telephone wire ..
45.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT682
Wiring system tester UT682D UNI-T
Measuring instrument features: telephone lines (RJ11 connectors) testing function Power supply: 2 b..
27.00€ with VAT
Product Code: P-UT682D