90-1000V Voltage Alert Pen

90-1000V Voltage Alert Pen
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  • Non-contact test
  • Judge electricity wire line
  • Distinguish the zero line
  • Sound and light alert
  • Safe and reliable
  • LED lighting function, easy to work in dark environment
  • Pen clip design, easy to carry
  • Technology features
  • Test range: 90V-1000V AC
  • General description
  • How to use:
  • Install the battery, press the switch body in the middle. If LED lights, tester is good.
  • Move tester pin to the wire, when it lights with DDD sound, the wire is a live wire.
  • If work in poor light environment, press LED lighting switch.
  • Instrument maintenance:
  • The tester is with high resistance and safe insulation. Keep it dry and clean.
  • Replace battery when LED light is not on; Take out battery for long time use.
  • Power supply: two 1.5V AAA battery
  • Product size: 148x17x26mm
  • Product weight: about 23g (without battery)
  • Standard accessories: meter (without battery)
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