Ultrasonic disrance estimator MASTECH MS6450

Ultrasonic disrance estimator MASTECH MS6450
Brand: Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.
Product Code: P-MS6450
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Calcutates area and volume
Laser to target the point to which you want to measure
Auto converts feets to meters
Back light
Measurement range: 0.6 to 15m (2 to 50 feet)
Accuracy: ±0.5%±1digit
Resolutions: 0.01m(1feet)
Aperture angle: approx. ±5 degrees
Laser diode type: Red laser diode 650nm
Power supply: 6F22 (9V) x 1
Battery life: 10 hours of continous dynamic measurement with alkaline battery
Dimensions: 136mm x 59mm x 38mm
Weight: Approx. 150g (including battery)
Calculation range:
Length: 9999m
Area: 99999m2
Volume: 99999m3
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