Driver Kits (58pcs) SD-9828 Pro'sKit

Driver Kits (58pcs) SD-9828 Pro'sKit
Driver Kits (58pcs) SD-9828 Pro'sKit
Brand: Pro'sKit
Product Code: I-SD9828
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SD-9828 is a complete screwdriver set includes the essential bits for smartphone opening of tablets, notebooks, electronic device cases and most branded video games such as Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and more.

42pcs Φ4.0×28 mm, materialAISI 8660 Cr-Mo-V steel


1.0、1.3、1.5、2.0、2.5、3.0、3.5、4.0 mm



0.7、0.9、1.3、1.5、2.0、2.5、3.0、3.5、4.0 mm


3.0 mm


3.0 mm


P2、P5、P6 (iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro)

6 pcs Φ4.0×30 mm, material50BV30 Cr-V steel

2.5、3.0、3.5、4.0、4.5、5.0 mm

5 pcs Φ1/4”(6.3)×25 mm, materialAISI 6150 Cr-V steel


:6.0 mm

:4.5、5.0、6.0 mm

2 pcs Φ1/4”(6.3)×38mm, materialAISI 6150 Cr-V steel

Torx plus socket


1 pcs Φ4.0mm to Φ1/4” adaptor 50 mm

1 pcs Φ4.0×125 mm extension bar

1 pcs TPR non-slip handle