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DIY Solar Panel Powered Toy Car
6.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9014
Double BTS7960 43A H-bridge Motor Driver
The drive uses an H-bridge driver module that composed by Infineon power drive chip BTS7960, with ..
28.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0187
Double side Prototype PCB Tinned 40x60mm
Specification: Double-Side Prototype Board Grid: 0.1inch (2.54mm) Thickness: 1.6mm Hole ..
0.90€ with VAT
Product Code: Q-PCB0354
Double-side Prototype PCB Tinned 20x80mm
Specification: Double-Side Prototype Board Grid: 0.1inch (2.54mm) Thickness: 1.6mm Hol..
0.60€ with VAT
Product Code: Q-PCB0328

DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Module
The DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is a breakout board for TI’s DRV8825 microstepping bipola..
5.30€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0170
DS1307 RTC module
This tiny RTC module is based on the clock chip DS1307 which supports the I2C protocol. It uses a Li..
2.30€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0160
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor waterproof
This is a waterproofed version of the DS18B20 Temperature sensor. Handy for when you need to measure..
3.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0178
Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit
This breakout board allows you to connect additional circuits and hardware to the pins on the edge o..
10.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0154

Educational Electronics Kit + book - Electric circuits
Šis rinkinys sukurtas pagal mokomąją knygą „Elektronika – Elektrinės grandinės“.  Kas yra elek..
37.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9011
Electret Microphone Breakout SparkFun OPA344
This small breakout board couples an Electret microphone (100Hz–10kHz) with a 60x mic preamplifier t..
8.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0043
Electric Door Lock 12V 0.7kg
Specification: Power supply: 12V Current: ~ 1.5 A Cable length: 20 cm without connector ..
8.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0102

Electromagnet 12V 4W - 5kg
Specifications: Material: Metal Input Voltage: 12V DC Current: 0.33A Power Consumption..
7.95€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0090
Electronic component KIT for Arduino
Content Listing: 1 X 400 tie point breadboard 1 X 30pcs Cable 10 X 5mm Red LED 10 X 5mm ..
17.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9039
Electronics component pack
Component listing: 5pcs White LED  5pcs Yellow LED  5pcs Blue LED  5pc..
5.30€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9033

Elektrolitinių Kondensatorių Rinkinys 120 vnt.
Specifications for each 10: 50V1UF 50V2.2UF 50V3.3UF 50V4.7UF 50V10UF 25V22UF 25..
4.20€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9032
Encoder module
  This is an incremental rotary encoder that encodes the rotation by electronic pulse, each out..
2.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0004
ESP8266 WIFI Module
This serial WiFi transceiver module is based on ESP8266 SoC.. ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip th..
6.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0192
Ethernet Shield Module W5100 Micro SD Card Slot
With this Ethernet Shield, your Arduino board can be used to connect to internet. Can be used a..
14.30€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0046
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