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Arduino CNC shield
The Arduino CNC Shield makes it easy to get your CNC projects up and running in a few hours. It uses..
8.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0147
Arduino Leonardo R3
The Arduino Leonardo is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32U4. It has 23 digital input/o..
18.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0019
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 compatible
Microcontroller ATmega2560 Operating Voltage 5V Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V Input Vol..
20.90€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0203
Arduino Multi-Function Shield
Features 4 digit 7-segment LED display module driven by two serial 74HC595’s 4 LED’s 10K..
7.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0168

Arduino Starter kit
Content: UNO R3 Board x 1 Mini Breadboard shield with&nbs..
46.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9007
Arduino uno starter kit
The Starter Kit walks you through the basics of using the Arduino in a hands-on way. You'll learn th..
106.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9008
Arduino Uno starter kit  V1 (with box)
Rinkinį sudaro: Arduino uno r3 Maxi maketavimo plokštelė 5mm Led diodai (30vnt.) RGB dio..
80.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9013
CAN-Bus Shield v2.0 - for Arduino
Specification: Supports CAN v2.0B up to 1 Mb / s Connection: SPI up to 10 MHz Voltage: 5V...
36.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0140

Development kit Arduino Pro Micro analog
This is an Arduino Compatible Pro Micro ATmega32U4 5V 16MHz Compatible Board. The Arduino Pro M..
15.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0071
Development kit Arduino UNO R3 analog
25.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0234
Development kit Arduino UNO R3 analog version CH340
This version is optimized in the original version to ensure consistent and compatible with the origi..
22.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0314
Electronic component KIT for Arduino
Content Listing: 1 X 400 tie point breadboard 1 X 30pcs Cable 10 X 5mm Red LED 10 X 5mm ..
17.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9039

High Sensitivity Sound Sensor - Microphone KY037 for Arduino
High Sensitivity microphone sound sensor module for Arduino ! Specification: Mounting screw..
1.40€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0291
Infrared IR Wireless Remote Control Module Kit for Arduino
Arduino mini infrared wireless remote control kit consists of ultra-thin infrared remote control and..
2.30€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0023
Microcontroller Arduino Zero Pro
Arduino Zero Pro mikrovaldiklis yra pagrįstas 32-bitų  ARM Cortex® M0 šerdimi ir charakterizu..
49.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0181
Microcontroller board Arduino mega R3 2560
The Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560. It has 54 digital input/output pin..
49.80€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0180

MicroSD card reader
Specifications: Power supply:4.5V - 5.5V, 3.3V voltage regulator circuit board Positioning h..
3.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0026
Multifunctional power shield 6+6 T800 for Arduino controllers
Multifunctional power shield is an accessory for Arduino-type boards UNO, MEGA, NANO. One POWER SHIE..
95.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0226
Prototyping Shield PCB Board for Arduino UNO
PCB used for Arduino MEGA Prototyping, Soldering and assembly required, great DIY part ..
3.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0094
Sensor kit for Arduino 37pcs
Packing list: 1 x Small passive buzzer module KY-006 1 x 2-color LED module KY-011 1 x Hit..
35.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-9004