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Orange Pi Lite - case
9.90€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0275
Raspberry (Pi 3, 2, B, B+) Transparent Box with Cooling Fan
Please REMOVE the PROTECTIVE FILM from both sides of the pieces.  Raspberry Pi mai..
6.50€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0280
Raspberry Pi - HiFiBerry universal case
This case fits the Raspberry Pi B+/2/3 with the HiFiBerry DAC+ (RCA versions), Digi+ or Amp+. It is ..
17.60€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0277

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Case Black
7.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0273
Raspberry Pi 3/2 black enclosure
This is an elegant and innovative protective case designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 3,2 Mod..
3.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0281
Raspberry Pi 3/2 Enclosure, Clear
4.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0279
Raspberry pi official case
This elegant, very robust housing from Raspberry Pi is not only stylish, but also of high quality. ..
14.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0278

Transparent Acrylic Shell Box For Arduino Mega R3
Feature: With EN instructions. Dimensions: 118 x 72 x 18mm Weight: 72g Material: A grade acryl..
2.60€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0274
Transparent Acrylic Shell Box For Arduino UNO R3
Feature: With EN instructions. Weight: 53g Dimensions: 79.5 x 64.5 x 21mm Material: A grade ac..
2.00€ with VAT
Product Code: U-0272
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