PIR motion detector PIR4551 E27 socket

PIR motion detector  PIR4551 E27 socket
Product Code: O-PIR451
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  • with automatic day/night identification
  • light sensitivity and ON-time adjustable


  • detection:
    • angle: 360°
    • distance: max. 6m (<24°C)
    • motion speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
  • ON-timer: adjustable from 10s (±3s) up to 7min. (±2min.)
  • light sensitivity: 3-2000 Lx (adjustable)
  • rated load: 40W (incandescent lamps) / 20W (energy saving lamps)
  • power supply: 230VAC/50Hz
  • power consumption: 0.45W (active) / 0.1W (stand-by)
  • installation height: 2~3.5m
  • dimensions: Ø50 x 130mm
  • weight: ±100g
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